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"Zooropa" was originally going to be released as a single, then an EP, but the whole thing snowballed into an album.   Still on a high after the "Outside Broadcast" leg of the Zoo TV Tour in America (which had finished the previous November) U2 managed  to lay down enough tracks for a complete album.  During the early dates of the Zooropa leg of the Zoo TV Tour, U2 would do the show, then fly straight back to Dublin to work on the album.  The album won a Grammy in 1994 for Best Alternative Album. 

Tracklisting: Lyrics
1. Zooropa (6:31)
2. Babyface (4:01)
3. Numb (4:20)
4. Lemon (6:58)
5. Stay (Faraway, so close!) (4:58)
6. Daddy's gonna pay for your crashed car (5:20)
7. Some days are better than others (4:17)
8. The first time (3:45)
9. Dirty day (5:24)
10. The wanderer (5:41)

U2: The Complete Songs (Wise Publications, London, UK, 1999)

Release Date: July 5, 1993

Singles: "Numb" (1993--not an official release)

              "Lemon" (September 1993) [Japan and Australia]
               b-side: "Lemon (Bad Yard Club Version)"

              "Stay (Faraway, so close!) (November 22, 1993)
               b-side: "I've Got You Under My Skin" (Duet: Bono and Frank Sinatra)

Producers: Brian Eno, Flood and The Edge


"Zooropa" was recorded in six weeks during breaks on the "Zoo TV Tour" and originally was going to be released as an EP.  It may not be the most popular U2 record, but its a masterpiece on its own right.

Some lines on the song "Zooropa" used text that appeared in various TV advertisements, including:

"Audi" -- Vorsprung durch technik
"The USA Army" -- Be all that you can be
"The UK lottery" -- Be a winner
"Slimfast" -- Eat to get slimmer
"Persil/Daz" -- A bluer kind of white
"United Airlines" -- Fly the friendly skies
"Fairy" -- We're mild and green and squeeky clean
"Toshiba" -- Better by design
"Colgate" -- We've got that ring of confidence

The introduction to the song "Daddy's Gonna Pay for Your Crashed Car" is a sample of a Russian song called "There's a hill by The Volga".

Before its final release "Zooropa" was going to be titled "Dog" which when spelled backwards it spells "God".