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U2's third album was recorded at Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin during the late summer and autumn of 1982.  In America it reached number 12.  The cover again featured Peter Rowan.  It was his eyes that you could see the greatest change.  They were no longer full of innocence, but showed fear, even hatred.  Compared with its predecessor, "October", "War" has a more commercial sound and embraces a range of musical styles.

Tracklisting: Lyrics
1. Sunday bloody Sunday (4:40)
2. Seconds (3:10)
3. New year's day (5:35)
4. Like a song... (4:46)
5. Drowning man (4:15)
6. The refugee (3:40)
7. Two hearts beat as one (4:03)
8. Red light (3:46)
9. Surrender (5:34)
10. 40 (2:35)
Source: U2: The Complete Songs (Wise Publications, London, UK, 1999)

Release Date: February 28, 1983

Producers: Steve Lillywhite and Bill Whelan

Singles: " New Year's Day" (January 1983)
               b-side: "Treasure"

              "Two Hearts Beat As One" (March 1983)
               b-side: "Endless Deep"

              "40" [Germany]


The release of "War" catapulted U2 into stardom in the United Kingdom and the U.S.A.  The album cementes U2 as one of the best Rock bands of the 1980's.  It includes the classic songs "Sunday Bloody Sunday"  and "New Year's Day".

"Sunday Bloody Sunday" never became a commercial single release although many people may think otherwise.