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"The Best of 1990-2000"

Released on November 4, 2002, this second "Best of" collection reached number 2 in the UK album charts.  Although it contains many of U2's greatest hits from the 1990's, it omitted several single releases, notably "If God Will Send His Angels", "Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses", "Last Night on Earth" and "Please". It included an extra CD of B-sides promos and remixes from this period . A third disc, a promo-only DVD entitled "The History Mix" was also included in this initial release.

Tracklisting: Lyrics
1. Even better than the real thing (3:39)
2. Mysterious ways (4:02)
3. Beautiful day (4:05)
4. Electrical storm (William Orbit mix) (4:37)
5. One (4:35)
6. Miss Sarajevo (4:30)
7. Stay (Faraway, so close!) (4:58)
8. Stuck in a moment you can't get out of (4:31)
9. Gone (New mix) (4:32)
10. Until the end of the world (4:38)
11. The hands that built America (4:57)
12. Discothèque (New mix) (4:40)
13. Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me (4:44)
14. Staring at the sun (New mix) (4:48)
15. Numb (New mix) (4:21)
16. The first time (3:44)
17. The fly [Only Japan and UK]  *track length not available

The B-Sides of 1990-2000 [Special Edition]:

1. Lady with the spinning head (Extended dance mix) (6:06)
2. Dirty day (Junk day mix) (4:40)
3. Summer rain (4:07)
4. Electrical storm (4:26)
5. North and south of the river (4:36)
6. Your blue room (5:26)
7. Happiness is a warm gun (The gun mix) (4:45)
8. Salome (Zooromancer mix) (5:51)
9. Even better than the real thing (The perfecto mix) (6:38)
10. Numb (Give me some more dignity mix) (5:50)
11. Mysterious ways (Solar plexus club mix) (4:08)
12. If God will send his angels (Big Yam mix) (5:42)
13. Lemon (Jeep mix) (5:29)
14. Discothèque (Hexidecimal mix) (5:45)

The history mix (DVD) [Special Edition included with the B-Sides]:

1. The History Mix
2. U2 best of 1990-2000 DVD (Trailer)
3. Please (Live Mural Cut)
4. Beautiful day (Eze version)

Release Date: November 2002

Singles: "Electrical storm"- Part 1 (Australia) (2002)
               b-side: "Bad/40/Where the Streets Have No Name (Live from Boston)"

            "Electrical storm"- Part 2 (Australia) (2002)
               b-side: "New York (Nice Mix)", "New York (Nasty Mix)"

Producers: Various

The second collection/greatest hits album by U2 covers their work during the 1990s. The collection includes a new release "Electrical Storm (William Orbit Mix)" and "The Hands that Built America", this last one nominated for an Oscar for "best song for a movie", the movie "Gangs of New York".   Fan favorites: "The Fly", "Please" and "The ground beneath her feet" were left out of the collection to the dismay of many fans.  Like with the the first collection release, a B-sides Special Edition CD was also released during the first week.  A History Mix DVD was also included.

There is a lyric line difference in the "Acthung Baby" version of  "Mysterious Ways" and the one that appears on this collection:
In "Achtung Baby": "She's the wave, she turns the tide , she sees the man inside the child..."
In the collection : "She's the wave, she turns the tide and no questions she knows why..."

The woman in the "Electrical Storm" video is actress Samantha Morton.