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"The Best of 1980-1990"

Although U2 have said on several occasions that they were not in favor of "best ofs" or "greatest hits" albums, Island Records released "The Best of 1980-1990 " compilation in 1998.  The specially commissioned former B-side, "Sweetest Thing" was added, which soon became a hit once it was released.   In addition to this compilation, Island added a second CD of B-sides from the same era, though the majority of them came from the years 1987-1989.  

Tracklisting: Lyrics
1. Pride (In the name of love) (3:49)
2. New year's day (4:18)
3. With or without you (4:58)
4. I still haven't found what I'm looking for (4:40)
5. Sunday bloody Sunday (4:41)
6. Bad (5:51)
7. Where the streets have no name (4:36)
8. I will follow (3:37)
9. The unforgettable fire (4:55)
10. Sweetest thing (3:03)
11. Desire (2:59)
12. When love comes to town (4:18)
13. Angel of Harlem (3:50)
14. All I want is you (w/ hidden track "October") (9:51)
15. One tree hill [Only in Japan]

The B-Sides of 1980-1990 [Special Edition]:

1. The three sunrises (3:54)
2. Spanish eyes (3:16)
3. Sweetest thing (3:05)
4. Love comes tumbling (4:42)
5. Bass trap  (Instrumental) (3:33)
6. Dancing barefoot (4:47)
7. Everlasting love (3:22)
8. Unchained melody (4:54)
9. Walk to the water (4:49)
10. Luminous times (Hold on to love) (4:37)
11. Hallelujah, here she comes (4:02)
12. Silver and gold (4:39)
13. Endless deep (2:59)
14. A room at the heartbreak hotel (4:34)
15. Trash, trampoline and the party girl (2:33)

Source: U2: The Complete Songs (Wise Publications, London, UK, 1999)

Release Date: November 2, 1998

Singles: " Sweetest thing" (October 1998)- Part 1
               b-side: "Twilight (Live from Red Rocks)", An Cat Dubh (Live from Red Rocks)"

" Sweetest thing" (October 1998)- Part 2
               b-side: "Stories for Boys (Live from Boston)", Out of Control (Live from Boston)"

Producers: Various


Due to a shortage of money, U2's record company, "Island Records" agreed with U2 for the release of two compilation/greatest hits albums.  This is the first focusing on U2 hits from the 1980s.  Along with its release, a special edition double CD including B-sides was also sold.  Among those B-Sides are the songs: "Everlasting Love", "Silver and Gold", "Three Sunrises" and "Unchained Melody". The CDs included a previously unreleased version of  "The Sweetest Thing (the Single Mix)".